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Wooz Webz is about Woozworld Information, Woozworld Edits (from this blog only) and Woozworld Designs (from this blog only AGAIN XD) We do interviews and all that so ya! :) Hope you injoy this blog :D

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Friday & Saturday


About the Blog
So this is where we tell YOU what this blog is about, our main focuses and you know things like that. So we really hope that this blog comes to a success and then a lot of you start to like our blog. We try to post as much as possible and we post on Friday & Saturday because when we post about specific types of subjects we investigate to see if the information is true. 
This blog avoids all sort of drama and no plagiarism here. If you use any of our information please give credit because we put a lot of effort into this blog. 
Based off of what we are going to post please do not criticize us because we like to believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they have the right to say what they need to say in order to express their true feeling. 
Once again I hope you enjoy this blog viewers. We have a nice format just waiting for you to view! Thanks, bye c;

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